How It Works

The following steps will illustrate the process of creating your project with the Self-Replicating Website System. 

The Replicating website software system is fully customizable to suit your needs.  Building your website has never been easier.  You will enjoy complete content and graphic design control of your website.  With unlimited pages your website will be able to be expanded at the click of a button. 

Step 1: Build your website
In the menu to the left select the Free Trail.  Fill out the basic information, it will immediately initiate the Free Trial.  You will be logged in seconds...  The Free Trial is the actual software or replicating system that you'll be using for your project.  This is where is all begins, in the Free Trial.  Use our Website Builder to create the website you want. 

Once you are logged in you will see the Main Control Panel.  The Main Control Panel is designed to allow you to have complete control over your replicating website system.  You may want to start building your website immediately.  By selecting the Site Design tab it will open up the website building tool and features section. 

If you have an existing website you can begin to build each page on our replicating website builder.  This process once completed will allow any pages that are public to be accurate and instantly replicated to all your replicated affiliates or users.   This is the most affordable solution for any start up project. 

If you need our assistance in building the website from scratch or just moving your existing website over to our replicating website system, we can accomplish this for you and offer a compete turn key solution.  There is no project too small or to large for our custom website site and design team to handle.    

Remember that building the website is always the first step and the most important step.  Building the website creates your specific Internet branding presence and allows the integration of all your ideas and features that you want for your project.  This is truly how it works. 

Step 2: Activate your system
Now that your website ideas and features are integrated and tested we must activate your system.  Activating your replicating website system is an exciting step, it is as they say in the business "where your site goes live".  Our team will now setup your domain and attach it to your your finished website to the specific domain that you provide for us or one that we register for you.  With a couple quick configurations and options you are ready to go!

Step 3: Sign up users
Replicated users can be signed up immediately and their replicated user websites will be a complete and exact replication of your website.  You will have complete control over all page content, forms, marketing landing pages, auto responders and many other features. 

You can chose to give each user the replicating website at no charge or you may setup, depending on your business needs, a sign up process that initiates the replicated users website and charges a monthly subscription fee for the service your project may be providing through the replicating website system.  This is easy to setup and manage.  Our system is default setup with Paypal, or you can manually add in users who have signed up through another channel.   We offer Merchant Account and Gateway services for all qualified Clients.  

Step 4: Improve and Update your website
Once your system is live, every change and improvement you put in place is instantly added for every one of your user's website. As we add new features for you to choose from, you can make them available to all of your existing users instantly.  This will allow your website to be up to date and you are not tied down to a web designer for small changes.  This will save you money over the life of your replicating system.